Everyone has various tricks to help them stay focused while they study. For some, it’s drinking a big cup of coffee; for others, it’s finding the quietest location with no distractions. No matter what study tips and tricks you use, finding the right location to study is important. Whether you have a project, a midterm paper, or a final exam to prepare for, these are great places to study on and off campus.


J.D. Williams Library

1 Library Loop, University, MS 38677

The J.D. Williams Library is Ole Miss’ main campus library. Inside, you’ll find the general collection of books and access to electronic databases. There is a Starbucks for those of you who study better with a bit of caffeine in your system. You can preview the line before you go using the library’s Starbucks line live webcam. There are plenty of workstations with desks and soft seating, as well, that make for a comfortable study spot. The library stays open until 2 a.m. Sunday–Thursday, 7 p.m. on Friday, 6 p.m. on Saturday, and remains open 24/7 during finals week. It’s closed on home football game days.


Science Library

1031 Natural Products Center, University, MS 38677

The Science Library is smaller than the J.D. Williams Library, but is still a good place to study. There are fewer distractions, and it’s very quiet, so this is a great place to go when you really need to hunker down and focus. The library can be used by any student, not just those with science majors. It is, however, heavily used by science majors for its large collection of books and reference materials on the topics of pharmacy, chemistry, and other sciences. There are workstations and computers, and study group rooms can be reserved in advance online. The library stays open until 2 a.m. Sunday–Thursday, and until 6 p.m. Friday–Saturday. Like the J.D. Williams Library, it’s closed on home football game days.



Multiple Locations

As mentioned previously, there is a Starbucks in the J.D. Williams Library on the Ole Miss campus. There’s also one inside Coulter Hall. You can find another Starbucks off campus on Jackson Avenue West. This can be a good place to study with a cup of coffee, especially when you’re craving one of their signature blended iced coffees or seasonal flavored coffees, such as the pumpkin spice latte everyone looks forward to in the fall.


Panera Bread

1902 Jackson Ave. W., Oxford, MS 38655

With delicious, healthy foods to fuel your brain and free Wi-Fi, Panera Bread is a great place to study. They have tons of seating that’s comfortable inside and on their outside patio. There are lots of outlets throughout the restaurant, so you can plug in your laptop. While they aren’t your typical coffee shop, they do serve coffee and hot tea to help get you through your studies.



1501 Jackson Ave. W., #103, Oxford, MS 38655

If you like strong coffee, Cups is the place for you. The cafe was opened by married couple Janice and Dennis who use their business to give back to the community, especially artists. Inside Cups, you’ll see the artwork from local creators hanging up on the walls. They also offer free Wi-Fi, so students can come study and access their online course materials. The atmosphere is cozy and very conducive for studying.


Coffee Art


The Grove

1848 University Ave., Oxford, MS 38655

This outdoor study spot with large, shade-bearing oak trees is a great place to get some studying done between classes. It’s located right in the center of campus, so there’s a good chance you’ve walked past it on your way to class before. On game days, it’s packed with tailgaters, but during the week, it’s very quiet. You can check the UM live cam at The Grove to see if the space is crowded or hosting an event prior to going. Electric lights are installed at The Grove to provide lighting after the sun goes down, so you can study here during the evenings, as well.  


Purple Haze

1004 N. Lamar Blvd., Oxford, MS 38655

Purple Haze is a hangout spot for both students and locals. There’s much more than just coffee at Purple Haze. They sell vintage clothing, furniture, knickknacks, and gifts. There is a rock-and-roll theme throughout the shop. You’ll find tons of music on record and CD, plus old films. Before you explore the crazy inventory, you can get your studying done in the self-serve cafe offering 93 cent coffee and soda. They also serve organic and vegan snacks. Free Wi-Fi is available.


You can use the Ole Miss campus map to locate any of the on-campus study locations mentioned in this post.